Google talk Introduces : Google Talk chatback

How many times you had to rely on external widgets like meebo and all so as to chat with your blog readers, Google just made the things easy... they have introduce Google Talk Chat back. what is it??? this is just like all other online chat clients but here you can chat to the person who has clicked onto your badge without the other person (guest/reader ) having to sign into his/her Gtalk account.

Means all you have to do is put in a chatback widget (like you have onto your right) and anyone who clicks onto it can chat to you as long as you are online onto your Google talk or Gmail.
You do not want to be disturbed just set your status to busy and the chat is disable and you are free. This is quite helpful if you want to have an online live support .
Useful Links :
So Hail google for making things easier
and yea this is my widget :D