Australia vs India Second test : The CLIMAX

This has been one hell of a test match.So much has been said so much has been watched about the test and to no avail. The two main highlights if the match were the awesome umpiring decisions that even a blind person would have got half of them right just by listening. The second one was the Ban on Harbhajan Singh for three test matches.

Going by the umpiring standards it started on day one with Ponting and day 5 also ended with Ponting at the helm. Day % saw 2 decisions that were true bloopers regarding Dravid and Ganguly, man o man the umpires were insane, one had a poor eyesight and didn't wore specs and other one was wearing specs taken on rent from somebody in the Caribbean. nice job guys, you ruined a great test match and series. It has nothing for me to say just watch the videos.

One thing I suppose is that 3rd Umpire is a thing of past and the only one remaining is Ricky Ponting whose own credibilities ( oops ethics) are questionable, a person who knew he had nicked and stood his ground and then gave Ganguly out consulting with a person who himself didn't walk after being out.

Coming over to the second Issue of Bhajji the thing was that without any evidence he was banned for 3 tests by a person who said a day earlier that not even the umpires had heard of such a thing. man o man the whole panel of umpires and referees was crazy, maybe a bit too upset for not being with their wives or so.. god knows.. THere is just no reason why they didn't took indian view into consideration

But one thing is for sure Aussies you have lost millions of fans who thought you to be the most professional cricketing team. Rest In Peace bitches...

MEN OF THE MATCH: Bucknor ; Benson ; Proctor ; Aussies... huh way too many.
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  2. are you satisfied the way second innings UMPIRING
    GOING ALONG IN THIS TEST match INDIA Vs Australia?

  3. sometime the umpire take wrong decision and it well change the strategy of math. its not so good.


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